New Board Members for 2021/2022

Dear all,

during the general meeting today we have elected new board members from different institutes. The names and respective institutes are listed below.

Runa Falk    (Institutt for fremmedspråk)
Ole-Gunnar Nordhus (Det juridiske fakultet)
Paula Miramón-Puértolas (Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology)
Shokrgozar Shayan (Department of Geography)
Henrik Jorem                  (Det juridiske fakultet)
Johanne Kalsaas           (Institutt for fremmedspråk)
Magnus Jørgensen      (Institutt for helse, miljø og likeverd (HEMIL)
Yauhen Yakimenka      (Simula – Information Theory)
Immanuel Reim             (Kjemisk institute)

Best regards

Immanuel Reim

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