7-Fjell Tur

Dear PhDs and postdocs,

summer is coming and it will get quiet. Therefore, we thought about a last hike before everybody leaves. On Saturday July 2nd we will walk the seven mountains of Bergen, the famous 7-fjell tur. As this is a long tour and will take us about 10-11 hours, we will start early. Meeting is at 6:45 at Møhlenpris bus station, from where we will take the buss to Gravdal. From Gravdal we will start with Lyderhronen and then go around all the way to Sandviksfjellet. It is a 37 km trail, so be prepared and bring everything you need. UiBdoc will not provide anything, so you need to bring your own water, food, and proper gear (it will probably rain in the morning). You can also just join for a few of the mountains, but in this case please contact Stefan (stefan.thiele@uib.no) to coordinate, as he will be the tour guide.

Information on the tour:




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