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UiBdoc is a non-profit interest organization for PhDs, postdocs and other temporary scientific staff at UiB. If you have such a position you’re automatically a UiBdoc member. Membership allows you to participate in all of our events, vote at the annual general meeting and to become a board member 🙂

Our feeling is that UiB academic staff are too isolated from each other. People are scattered all over the city with few opportunities to meet. The problem is especially acute for people working in departments with few internal social activities. One of the primary ambitions of UiBdoc is to change that by connecting people from across UiB.

Other ambitions include assisting our members with career development, influencing university policy in favor of our members and connecting any of our members that experience issues with the supporting structure of UiB.

The UiBdoc board consists of at most 8 members and is responsible for the day-to-day work of running the organization, e.g., creating events and discussing topics important to our members with the principal’s office.

Major decisions about UiBdoc, e..g, changing its statutes, are taken by the annual general meeting, a yearly meeting where all of our members (PhDs, postdocs, etc) are invited and have the right to vote. The annual general meeting also appoints the board for the coming year.

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact us via email at board [at] uibdoc [dot] no, or at our Facebook page.

More information is available in our statutes.

The UiBdoc Board

All upcoming events will be announced here and on our Facebook page!

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